Vancouver Web Development and Design Services

Are you looking to have a website built but not quite sure where to begin?  Or perhaps you have an existing website and you’re looking to have it redesigned or migrated to a content management system such as WordPress?


Dazil Internet services can help.  We will architect and build your website to meet your requirements.

For over 10 years, we have developed websites and custom-built web applications for a variety of organizations. Some of our most successful projects include:

  • Design and development of high traffic websites for the real estate industry, including custom content management, search engine optimization, video integration and much more
  • Design and development of hundreds of CMS driven websites, including WordPress, which is one of our specialties
  • Design and development of a feature-rich web-based application for property management

If you are interested in a free consultation and quote, please complete our form.

There are so many design companies out there. How do I decide who to work with?

  1. Check their portfolio and see if you like their work. Most web design and development companies have their own ‘style’, and that can be a big factor in making a decision.
  2. Review the history and track record. Our founder has been in the web and IT industry since 1993, so we have a vast experience pool to draw from when coming up with your solution.
  3. See if their personalities are a fit. Your business and time is to precious to spend it working with people you don’t get along with. Give us a call or ask us for a coffee meeting and see if we are a fit.
  4. Get a quote. We’re happy to provide a proposal and quote for any size project. Make sure you know what’s included and what isn’t though, as we find that we usually include many things that many other website designers and developers may not include, such as:
    • Ensuring that our sites which are not just search engine friendly and search engine optimized.
    • Building websites for multiple devices such as Android Phones, iPhones, Android Tablets and iPads.