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About dazil Internet Services Inc.

Ten years ago, everyone needed a website. Web designers were in great demand. But now, a decade later, there are literally millions of different web domains and websites out there, many of which are launched, forgotten about and neglected. Many of these sites have failed to find their audience, and to ultimately generate new business for their respective businesses.

This is where dazil Internet services can help:

Allow you audience to find your website. This means using search engine optimization so that more people get to your site. It also means joining conversations in places such as twitter and Facebook, and letting people know more about you and your organization.

Keep your website up to date. Using tools like WordPress and other content management systems, you should be empowered to update your site regularly and keep things current. Adding content on a daily or even several times a day basis is what search engines like, and what users like.

Embrace new media. YouTube is an amazing thing, and can benefit your organization in many ways. For example, if you offer a service, why not create and post a video that describes something special or unique about what to do. Perhaps you are a tradesperson and have a special technique in your work, such as drywall, painting, etc. You get the idea. Not only will video content visually show your existing and potential customers what you do, that content is also indexed by most major search engines, and will ultimately generate or business and website traffic for you.

Understand social networking. Creating a Facebook presence, and learning how to use Twitter, are examples of ways that you can drive more traffic to your website and let people know about your organization. Let us help you understand these tools and implement a strategy.

dazil Internet services is a full-service company, providing hosting, design and development, content management using WordPress, and ongoing support for you and your organization’s website. We are always looking for new and interesting projects, so please contact us if you are interested in discussing your requirements.

Dave Zille

Over the past 20 years, Dave has devoted considerable time to advancing his skills and to keeping his skills and industry awareness sharp. During this time, Dave has launched hundreds of websites, taught hundreds of classes to post-secondary students, and has delivered many talks on everything from programming to project management.

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